Daily Prayer of Father Parfeny of Kiev Pechersk



O Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, do not allow vanity, selfishness, sensuality, carelessness or anger to have dominion over me and snatch me from Thy Love.


O my Lord, my Creator, all my hope, leave me not without a share in blessed Eternity.


Grant that I may follow Thy holy example, and be obedient to the authorities placed over me.


Grant me that purity of spirit, that simplicity of heart, which make us worthy of Thy Love.


To Thee, O my God, I lift up my soul and my heart; do not allow Thy creature to perish, but deliver me from the one supreme evil ─ sin.


Grant, O Lord, that I may bear disturbances and sufferings of soul with the same patience as I receive pleasures of the heart with joy.


If Thou wilt, O Lord, Thou canst purify and sanctify me.


Here and now I surrender myself to Thy goodness, beseeching Thee to root out of me all that is opposed to Thee and unite me to the company of Thine elect.


O Lord. take from inc idleness of spirit which wastes Thy time, and vain thoughts which hinder Thy Presence and distract my attention in Prayer.


And if’ when I am praying my attention is diverted from Thee by my thoughts, help me so that this distraction may not be voluntary, and that in turning away my mind I may not turn away my heart from Thee.


I confess to Thee, my Lord God, all the sins of my wickedness committed now and previously before Thee.


Forgive me for Thy holy Name’s sake and save my soul which Thou hast redeemed with Thy precious Blood.


I entrust myself to Thy mercy, I surrender myself to Thy will; deal with me according to Thy goodness, and not according to my malice and wickedness.


Teach me, O Lord, so to arrange my affairs, that they may promote the glory of Thy holy Name.


Have mercy, O Lord, on all Christians; hear the desire of all who cry to Thee, and deliver them from all evil.


Save Thy servants (N… ), and send them joy, comfort in their troubles, and Thy holy Mercy.


O Lord, I pray Thee especially for those who in some way have wronged, offended or saddened me, or have done me some evil.


Do not punish them on my account, who am also a sinner, but pour upon them Thy goodness.


O Lord, I pray Thee for all whom I, sinful as I am, have grieved, offended or scandalised, by word, deed or thought, consciously or unconsciously.


O Lord God, forgive us our sins and mutual offences; expel from our hearts all indignation, scorn, anger, resentment, altercation and all that can hinder charity and lessen brotherly love.


Have mercy, O Lord, on those who have entrusted me, sinful and unworthy, to pray for them.


Have mercy, O Lord, on everyone who asks for Thy Help.


O Lord, make this day a day of Thy mercy, and grant to each according to his faith.


Be the Shepherd of those who have gone astray, the Guide and Light of unbelievers, the Teacher of the foolish, the Father of orphans, the Helper of the oppressed, the Healer of the sick, the Comforter of the dying.


And lead us all to our desired end, to Thee, our Haven, and blessed Rest.