International morality

The ‘Green movement’ – the coalition of opposition forces inside and outside Iran – will collectively apologise to the United States for the hostage-taking that took place thirty years ago at the US Embassy in Tehran. Mohsen Makhmalbaf, brilliant film-maker, is articulating this politically savvy and symbolically potent move:

Women play fierce football

Women play fierce football

“Thirty years ago in the turmoil of the revolutionary zeal an indefensible act of hostage taking was committed that the new generation of Iran are not proud of at all,” he said. “We know very well how that deplorable action hurt the noble American people and how it led to three decades of unnecessary and painful bad relations between our two nations. “Only a small and repressive minority who rule Iran today still insist on keeping Iran on a confrontation course with the US, Britain and the West … [T]hey have now taken the Iranian people as hostage to their destructive policies.”

It remains true that, by flouting the norms of diplomatic behaviour, established over centuries, as they did, the Islamic revolutionaries branded themselves unmistakably as forms of low-life not seen before; and by not allowing any of the hostages to come to harm revealed their true fear of American power.

Do not expose us

Should we laugh or cry? Perhaps laugh. Laughter has a knack of putting things in proportion, of setting things in their right perspective.

Islam is on its march of death on many fronts. A very dangerous front has been recently re-opened at the United Nations (UN) by the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC), the largest group of nations within the UN, by introducing a new resolution. The resolution under consideration—Defamation of Religions—aims to enlist the power and prestige of the UN in defence of religion by declaring religions to be immune from the general discourse practiced in non-religious domains. The aim of the resolution is to impose a gag order on people against breathing a word that religionists may find defaming or offensive.

This is our old friend, Islamic defensiveness, trying to obliterate freedom of speech, never an Islamic value, especially where it might itself be the object of criticism. No matter that the entire world is in the throes of a cataclysmic revulsion against Islam, so that it is not too much to describe this paroxysm of disgust as the death of a religion. No matter that the backward, inferior character of Islam as a faith has already been exposed everywhere and by all means. This is a naked political attempt to shore up the ruins.

What needs to sink into the Western peoples’ mind is the realization that, to the Muslims, the idea of freedom and free thinking is largely an alien concept … From birth onward, a Muslim’s brain is packed with the notion that everything in life is predicated on the will of Allah. Allah is in charge of all things and at all times. Allah is very much of a hands-on God. He does the thinking, he does the ordaining, and he decides the outcome for everything large and small. And since Allah is the all-knowing as well as the all-everything, the duty of the faithful is unquestioned obedience in all matters, irrespective of any and all contradictory evidence. All disproving and contradictory evidences about the Islamic precepts are labelled as deceptive machinations of the accursed Satan. Hence, it is the sacred duty of the believer to put his Islamic blinders on and submit wholeheartedly and unhesitatingly to what is preached to him.

Women prepare to drive fast

Women prepare to drive fast

This is a “fatalistic pathological system,” as has become globally obvious in only eight years:

Islam is loaded with faulty and bizarre beliefs as well as many primitive, discriminatory and shameful practices. So, they need to build a steel fence around their corral of absurdity to protect it from crumbling under the assaults of truth. They have much to hide and fear exposure the most.

The hilarious thing is, proponents of the resolution cannot bring themselves to mention any other religion, presumably as they do not consider any other religion admissible. A sudden coyness sets in. Other religions cannot be mentioned in the same breath as Islam, because they are not true religions. Indeed, it may not even be possible to admit that Islam itself is a religion! So the resolution would defend from criticism and offence perhaps the only ‘religion’ so weak as to be unable to withstand the light of day!

Would Saudi Arabia allow Christians to build a church in that country, or even the Bible be sold in bookstores? Would the Islamic Republic of Iran stop its genocidal agenda against the Baha’is? Would the mullahs desist from imprisoning the Baha’is for months and years, without any formal charges and even without a sham trial for which they are infamous? … It is time for Islam to shed its Burqa. The cat is out of the bag, so to speak. In the age of instantaneous communication and … rising literacy, the task of keeping this stone-age belief called Islam under cover is an impossibility.

Also amusing is that apparently this resolution is wheeled out and pushed into play, and defeated, every year! Not too much to fear, then.

Viewer numbers

I would like to report that the surge in numbers of viewers/voyagers recently (see chart) is down to the quality of the journalism ─ freshness of information, incisiveness of analysis ─ in this blog.

MT's blog - Oct-09

Viewer numbers at this blog to end of Oct-09

Fat chance. It seems that I mentioned Adolf Hitler, complete with familiar photograph, on 22-Sep-09 and that half the world’s deskbound eo-fascists have been storming by ever since. Now that I have mentioned him again, the site may well crash with visitor numbers. Eat your heart out, Carla Bruni!

It would help the cause, though, if these Hitler fans could spell their hero’s name correctly! Most searches seem to be for someone called Hitter. In any case, they should prepare, once here, to learn something of the deep convictions associated with human rights and freedom of conscience.

Plumbing the depths

Women even drudge close to home

Women even drudge close to home

It’s not always clear, after all the atrocities reported here during the last five months, how the Iranian regime could sink any lower. We have met with numerous actions of moral imbecility perpetrated in the name of Allah. Nevertheless, the destruction of Bahá’i cemeteries may just about fit the bill.

There is little else than a campaign of hatred involved ─ no attempt at a political pretext, however thin. No wonder members of the opposition are avid to learn more abut this Faith.

There is something unbelievably disgusting about interrupting burials, digging up corpses, bulldozing cemeteries and desecrating religious memorials, removing headstones for building. The recent UN Report on Human Rights goes into some detail here:

Baha’i cemeteries, holy places, and community properties are often seized or desecrated and many important religious sites have been destroyed. In recent years, Baha’is in Iran have faced increasingly harsh treatment, including increasing numbers of arrests and detentions and violent attacks on private homes and personal property. Baha’i property has been confiscated or destroyed and dozens of Baha’is have been harassed, interrogated, detained, imprisoned, or physically attacked. In February 2009, a Baha’i cemetery in Semnan was desecrated, and in January, another Baha’i cemetery was destroyed in Ghaemshahr. Baha’i cemeteries also have been destroyed in Yazd and outside of Najafabad.

Families are told they may not bury their dead in burial gardens legally owned by Bahá’is, but they are not told of any available alternative. No doubt it will soon be illegal to die. Cemeteries have been excavated to a depth of one metre and earth and rubble piled to a height of 10 metres.

From September 6 through September 10, using large trucks and bulldozers, a number of unknown individuals destroyed and excavated the Baha’i Cemetery of Najafabad and Vilashahr [near Isfahan]. The cemetery, which belongs to the Baha’is of Najafabad and Vilashahr, and which is known as Gulestan Javid [“eternal garden”], is situated about 9 miles from Najafabad. This land was given to the Baha’is of Najafabad and Vilashahr in the winter of 1995; it has been attacked 18 times since them. It has been reported that 119 graves are located in this cemetery – 95 are in the first section and 24 more are in the second section.

Bulldozed Baha'i cemetery at Najafabad and Vilashahr

Bulldozed Baha'i cemetery at Najafabad and Vilashahr

Following this, some burials are being prevented except at the cost of violating basic Baha’i beliefs:

After the destruction in recent days of the Baha’i cemetery of Vilashahr and Najafabad, agents of the Ministry of Intelligence are preventing the burial of a deceased Baha’i in that same cemetery. Azizu’llah Subhi Najafabadi, born 1924, was a resident of Najafabad. He passed away on Tuesday, September 15, 2009, in Namazi Hospital due to old age. Since then, the family’s effort to receive the body has been unsuccessful. The family’s appealed to authorities in the local police station, the security office and the local branch of the Ministry of Intelligence, the law enforcement agency, the municipality, and the mayor’s office in Najafabad. But they have only met with the same consistent response: “His remains will be given to you only if you do not bury him in the [recently destroyed] Baha’i cemetery of Vilashahr-Najafabad, and inter him instead in the Baha’i cemetery of Isfahan.” According to Baha’i teachings, Baha’is are not permitted to bury their dead far from the place of passing. It is for this reason that the family is exerting efforts to bury their dead in the aforesaid cemetery, near the place of his passing. Currently, because of the destruction of the Baha’i cemetery of Vilashahr and Najafabad, the Baha’is of these towns have no place for the burial of their dead. Reports receive from the field indicate that authorities are putting considerable pressures on Baha’i residents in this region aiming to prevent them from adhering to their religious precepts.

This sort of thing is so contrary to basic human customs and civilised practices that it once again elicits that most common reaction to Shi’a mentality ─ acute disgust. More dispassionately, it provokes the recurrent observation that these people are obsessed with death.