Death in the afternoon

As I sit here in France, watching the sun go down over the noyers, it all seems a little surreal. Most surreal of all is that Pravda (but no one else) should be telling us that Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, the Wise and Gracious Donkey, is dead. Long live the rahbar, the supreme authority for all prison rapes!

Breaking the Ramadan fast in Mashad 01

Breaking the Ramadan fast in Mashad 01

Wait a minute here, can this be true? Not that one idiot or another, equally idiotic, won’t succeed him, but his death at this time will surely cause factional ripples, so partisan had this particular Supreme Leader become. People even seem to have stopped arguing over the Velayat-e-Faqih (Guardianship of the Islamic Jurists), the Khomeinist doctrine that there should be a Supreme Ruler, because the Chaplinesque antics of the underqualified Ali Khamenei had rendered theological dispute superfluous.

In some societies the bad people lock up the good people. When Stalin died, the zeks in the prison camps rattled their tin bowls with delight, crowing, ‘The cannibal is dead!’ If you live in a society where the good people lock up the bad, just be glad. And if there should be a similar charivari in Tehran, with dancing in the streets, you will read it here first.

Trial of Karroubi?

Although unconfirmed, there are plans afoot to try Mehdi Karroubi for refusing to withdraw his ‘claims’ that male and female protestors have been raped in Iranian jails. Since the whole world knows a great deal of detail about these cases, which this blog has always emphasised, and no impartial and informed observer has doubted their authenticity, it is to be wondered what possible evidence could remain for authorities to ignore?

Women are keen on park exercise

Women are keen on park exercise

In which case, no indictment could succeed that stated Karroubi presented false information. It must therefore be, on the contrary, that he will be tried for telling the truth.

Let them wear what they like

Even in a jolly country like Kuwait, a hubbub of opinions and tubby women, there is still apparently an “Islamist movement” with a grip on parliament. (Yes, there is a parliament, which likes to criticise its ministers and gets dissolved from time to time by the ruling family.) Women MPs are supposed to wear the hijab when they attend the sharia-ruled precincts. Fortunately two of them are objecting and trying to have the stone age code reversed.

Breaking the Ramadan fast in Mashhad 02

Breaking the Ramadan fast in Mashhad 02

Not a minority opinion

Obama got singed by his previous, ultra-paranoid pastor, the Reverend Jeremiah Wright, who thought that AIDS was invented by the CIA to keep black people in their place. He was genial enough on occasion, though, to marry Mr and Mrs Obama and show Christian faith and leadership.

Now the President has other messages to think about, notably that

extremist manifestations, such as the actions of suicide bombers and crazed gunmen, don’t arise out of thin air … They are part of a religious tradition that from its very birth has used the edge of the sword as a means to convert or conquer those with different religious convictions.

Mr Obama denies that the Rev Carey Cash is his new chaplain, but he’ll have to listen to him at Camp David, where the President has opted to attend the tiny Evergreen Chapel, far from the prying Cyclops eye of the media. The Rev Cash also

Women cox female crews

Women cox female crews

baptised more than 50 men during the Iraq invasion in 2003 … and believed a “wall of angels” protected his men as they fought their way from Kuwait to Baghdad.

Inevitably, any manifestation of faith is equated in our secular society with schizophrenia (“hearing voices”, of course). More interesting, perhaps, is this indication of anti-Islamism as a commonplace, unashamed opinion.

So let us hear nothing of Islamophobia, an entirely bogus term invented to ride with the jargon of political correctness, itself an expression of modern squeamishness.

Telling it like it is

The United Nations has produced a 19-page report criticising human rights abuses in Iran. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has been reticent, to say the least, until now. But yesterday he

Man attacked in own home 01

Man attacked in own home 01

expressed strong criticism of Iran’s human rights record, voicing concern about the use of excessive force after Iran’s presidential election, the harassment of women’s rights activists, the ongoing execution of juveniles, and the continued persecution of minorities … a pattern of concern arises with respect to the protection of minorities, including the Baha’i community, the Arab minority in Khuzestan, the Nematollahi Sufi Muslim community, the Kurdish community, the Sunni community, the Baluchi community, and the Azeri-Turk community.

Naturally he needs to sound encouraging. So he concludes

I encourage the Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran to address the concerns highlighted in the report and to continue to revise national laws, particularly the new penal code and juvenile justice laws, to ensure compliance with international human rights standards and prevent discriminatory practices against women, ethnic and religious minorities, and other minority groups.

The report is available here.

The careers of butchers

Some very grim pictures are circulating of a particular privileged torturer/executioner, present at numerous rallies and occasionally photographed. Perhaps he too has not long to live. But in the meantime he is able to act in flagrant and flagitious ways (see the photographs on this page).

Man attacked in own home 02

Man attacked in own home 02

It is a feature of revolutions that they throw up criminal and psychopathic types like this, sometimes from the depths of prisons. Charles Crawford, retired diplomat, in his blog, instances the very detailed and at last undisputed account of the Katyn massacres in July 1940 of Polish officers by the Red Army and the extraordinary rôle played therein by a certain Vasili Blokhin, who personally conducted the execution of 7,000 of the prisoners. He was therefore

ostensibly the most prolific official executioner in recorded world history.

The Iranian revolution is no exception. Like all revolutions a backward, reactionary and elitist show, it has already thrust into garish prominence a number of executioners and torturers, Basiji and Sepah, who have been photographed and identified. Their time has come. Justice will follow.