Tarnishing the holy state

Some detail of how Iran’s security services are actively trying to suppress rape allegations is apparent here. Ibrahim Sharifi

recorded his testimony by video on his camera phone and sent the file to a renowned Persian filmmaker in Holland, Reza Allamehzadeh.

Victory en route to the Caspian

Victory en route to the Caspian

The results may be seen on YouTube here, with commentary added by Allamehzadeh. As of today, it has been viewed more than 130,000 times. (Farsi language only.) Sharifi continues in hiding from the Iranian government.

Election results ─ a new look

Word here that a poll of 1003 Iranians reveals that 81% accept Mahmoud Ahmadinejad as the legitimate president, with only 10% considering him illegitimate. Nevertheless 62% thought the election was valid, with 13% thinking otherwise. (This leaves rather a visible fraction of people willing to accept the Rat as president on the basis of invalid results.)

This seems more than a little surprising, so we need to ask what the method of polling was. And, of course, what percentage of Iranians consider the poll valid.

Curvy mannequins

Here we go again:

Iranian police warned shop owners Wednesday against displaying female mannequins wearing underwear or showing off their curves as part of a government campaign against Western influence. In a letter published in the state-owned IRAN daily, the authorities also stated that men should not sell women’s underwear, and advised shopkeepers against showing models with neckties and bow-ties, which are considered Western and un-Islamic.

The vital Farsi word gharbzadegi is often translated as West-mania or West-toxification and refers to the sort of obsessional hold, especially over the fashionable young, that the West exercises. Equally suggestive, really, is this sort of anti-West-mania. What is the origin of the pathological condition that this seems to be?

In Arabic, too, there is a word, mustashrak, that means ‘one who seeks the East’. One would think such a benign and outward-looking interest would be welcome. Not a bit of it. The word also implies ‘spy’.

Islamic societies tend to be both backward and closed. They see themselves as living on another planet, just as women in Islam seem to be from another species. The sense of inferiority, at least during the last half-millennium, in relation to the ‘West’s’ dynamism of political, intellectual and scientific progress is a very sore point.

And yet it is precisely to Islam, the source of their inferiority, that Moslems cling all the harder in the face of such adverse comparisons. More books are translated into Spanish each year than have been translated into Arabic in the entire history of Islam. This is a world of fantasy, insulated in the cotton-wool of dogma, isolated from the universal, circumambient civilisation, hostile to free thought and, like Iran at the moment, trying in vain to make whole populations more like themselves ─ turbans filled with sawdust.

Letter to the Ministry of Health and Hospitals

Letter to the Ministry of Health and Hospitals

Crimes against humanity?

As Ratty heads for the United Nations today to display his halo, it is suggested here that the International Criminal Court should arraign him on grounds of crimes against humanity. This is a more constructive issue, for pro-democracy activists, than nuclear weapons capability.

The rot did not start on June 12th this year:

The stage for terror – the purge of leftists in 1988 and reformists in 2009 – was set with the summary execution of monarchists by Khomeini’s revolutionary tribunals in 1979. In 1982, Mehdi Bazargan, Khomeini’s first prime minister, asked: “What has the ruling elite done in nearly four years, besides bringing death and destruction, packing the prison and the cemeteries in every city?’’ In 1988, Ayatollah Montazeri denounced the judiciary’s mass murder of more than 3,000 leftist detainees, and condemned as un-Islamic prison guards raping virgins before their execution. It is Khomeini’s medieval and murderous system of justice that remains etched in the Iranian constitution and enshrined in Evin prison

according to the Boston Globe. Is there anyone listening in the General Assembly?

Death to Hippocrates

A document is circulating in which the Commander of the Revolutionary Guards instructs all hospitals not to release any information on patients who have been tortured or injured while in imprisonment.

It is reproduced on this page.

The rat and his bomb

The empty chairs were listenening, Mahmout

The empty chairs were listenening, Mahmout

Nothing much is being reported regarding Ahmadinejad’s appearance before the General Assembly of the United Nations in New York. Some protests there were, in the streets around the UN Building. But the manoeuvring of nations seems to have been rated as of higher importance than events on the floor. Indeed there were mostly empty seats when the Rat spoke (see photo).

In short, as noted here recently, Russia is edging towards a pro-sanctions vote, while it is thought unlikely that China would exercise a veto against the explicit wishes of all the other members of the Security Council. Obama is personally and unusually chairing today’s meeting of the Council and has already uttered warning rumblings against nuclear proliferation. It even seems possible that at long last the civilised nations have got wise to the savage Iranian regime’s twistings and twinings, wrigglings and feints.

Naughty Israeli girls

Naughty Israeli girls

The clock is ticking for the Rat, who in place of the showdown negotiation on his nuclear weapons program (which he states is non-negotiable) has agreed only to very general, wide ranging talks about the nice weather in Geneva.

Meanwhile all his rebellious students return to university tomorrow, Friday.