The protests in black and white

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Dead, buried or frozenPersepolis 2

It is rumoured that three rape victims, who have come forward to substantiate the allegations by Karroubi and others of rape and torture in Iranian prisons, have disappeared.

It seems that every joke one might make about this regime is not funny. Every joke is true.

The New York Times reports:

On Saturday, Norooz News, a reformist Web site, published a report that workers in Behesht-e Zahra municipal cemetery in Tehran buried 28 bodies from July 12 to 15 in Plot 302. If confirmed, the news of the burials would suggest a higher death toll than the government has acknowledged … With accompanying photographs, the report said that in other cases, bodies returned by the authorities to family members appeared to have been frozen solid, suggesting that corpses were kept in industrial facilities.

Cabinet of criminals

It seems that objections to the Rat’s proposed cabinet are not based on their criminal tendencies,

Ahmad Vahidi, who commanded a unit of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard known as the Quds Force at the time of the attack, was nominated by President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Wednesday along with others named to fill Cabinet positions. The Quds Force is involved in operations abroad, including working with Lebanon’s Hezbollah militant group, which is accused of carrying out the Buenos Aires attack.

or their incompetenceCitizen Journalism!

Hamid Reza Katouzian, a conservative MP, made clear his view that President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s nominee, current Commerce Minister Massoud Mirkazemi, lacked the right background for the top oil job … “Any person unfamiliar with this field who would step into this ministry would need at least two years to get familiar with its rudimentary concepts … and during this period there would be irreversible damage to the industry,” he was quoted as saying … In a surprise move, Ahmadinejad on Wednesday nominated Mirkazemi, an industrial engineer, as oil minister in his new cabinet following June’s disputed presidential election. Mirkazemi has little known experience in the oil industry, but is seen as an ally of the hardline president […]

but on their sex. Being female might be seen as some sort of faint, vestigial advantage in this cabaret of old men from some distant century. Not a bit of it. No matter that the women are sclerotic and fossilised in the extreme. The objections are theological:

“There are religious doubts over the abilities of women when it comes to management,” said hardline lawmaker Mohammad Taghi Rahbar.

Second rape victim

The Western press is hilarious, describing everyone on the Iranian scene as a hardliner (what else?), trying to discern shades of black. This is to distinguish them from reformists, the good guys. Faith is always placed in Turbans that evince some flicker of education, cognitive complexity, sophistication, modernity. Yet in truth one could shuffle the turbans a good deal and still carry on with ignorance, cruelty and lack of imagination. All the hardliners are flatliners.