Night explosion

In the early hours of Saturday morning, a vast explosion awoke concerned residents of Ahwaz, the Gulf oil town in western Iran. Officials were immediately on the scene, blaming an irresponsible firecracker. Now an armed dissident group, Abu Bakr, is being blamed, according to Con Coughlin, the only British journalist to cover what has being causing widespread ripples on the internet.firoozeh-mozaffari85- Confession!

Fighting the previous battle

The wife, Fahimeh Mousavinejad, of the former vice-president,  Mohammad Abtahi, currently on trial and thanking his torturers for showing him the error of his ways, has already bravely reported her husband’s drugged and disoriented state (see below). She has lived with the disappearance of her husband for nearly seven weeks. Now she says:

Confessions in Iran are nothing new … It shows their weakness and their desperation … They are completely disarmed.

It certainly is revealing that the regime continues blithely to fight, with the weapons of yesteryear, a propaganda battle it has long since lost.

The West strikes back at Iran

Timeline: severe sanctions (including choking off Iran’s petrol, which it has to import) by September 30th, the ending of the UN’s 64th General Assembly meeting in New York, followed by an Israeli strike by the end of the year on Iran’s nuclear plant. They are already openly practising mid-air refuelling with US planes.Green art

If Ahmadinejad had said Iran was intending to build nuclear weapons, nobody would have believed him and we could all relax.

Election fantasy

Elections are quite common now in the Middle East. No regime actually minds having to contest them, especially under American pressure, so long as they win.

The fantasy is the important thing. They don’t really get it anyway. Where in Islam is there the concept of the free individual making a private choice?

Another rigged election in Iran would have gone without notice, had not the Khamenei-Ahmadinejad combo, lacking political skills and luxuriating in force, made every conceivable mistake and dug itself ever deeper into a hole. No doubt, as some say, this will continue until the cup of disgrace to Islam is drained to the last bitter drop.

The barrel of a gun

According to Shahir Shahidsaless, Ahmadinejad has a sell-by date – which is fast approaching. The recent contest of personalities between himself and the Supreme Donkey (on the appointment of Mashei as vice-president) saw him relying tacitly on the continued support of the all-powerful Revolutionary Guard. But, calculating that they no longer needed him as their sponsor, the Guard switched their support to Khamenei. Having ousted Khamenei’s man, Larijani, from the Supreme National Security Council in March, Ahmadinejad was widely seen as having become the more powerful man, a shocking development for simple-minded believers in the Supreme Leader. But no longer. Those who live by the sword die by the barrel of a gun.Green art - 2


While the theocrat was inaugurating the autocrat, in the streets of Tehran (unreported) the Green Wave was once again cresting forth. The utterly contemptible David Miliband sent Britain’s ‘second most senior diplomat’ to attend the ceremony, thus kowtowing to the enemy’s propaganda and divesting Britain of any remaining moral authority on the international scene. There is again fury with Britain on the streets of Tehran. First the BBC chickens out, then the Foreign Office. Germany did much better.

45 Nobel Laureates give support

Support for the protest movement was forthcoming on 3 August in a full page advertisement in the form of a letter in the New York Times and the International Herald Tribune. Elie Wiesel, Desmond Tutu and Shirin Ebadi were along the 45 signatories. “The worst torture is to feel you have been abandoned,” said Wiesel.

Green art

A striking little cartoon character, bulbous and complex, keeps appearing on the streets and walls of Tehran. He has a habit of covering the face of the Rat. Some relation perhaps, the stencilled image of Mahatma Ghandi also visits bus stops and advertisement hoardings. Intrigued passers-by are photographed examining these.