The Iranian economy

Many countries in the Gulf fear, not only instability, but active and aggressive attacks from the wounded regime. Reported daily, and by me a couple of days ago, the exodus of wealth from Iran continues. A general strike is still the weapon held in reserve, against which the regime has no remedy, while the main bazaar in Tehran is mainly closed. Foreign investors are deserting in droves. Betting men all, they seem to think the regime is finished.

First lady of the revolution?

The crackpot Islamic mutterings of Zahra Rahnavard may be visited here:

Hejab is like a scenery, a panorama or a garden, a garden full of fruits of different colours. You can select anyone of the thousands of rooms with thousands of windows, and from its frame look at the garden, stretch your hand and pick off a fruit. You can pick off the entire garden at one and the same time like a single fruit, satisfy with its flavour your heart and soul, and make the garden, the hejab, a solace for your (disturbed) inner self.

The point is, though, it’s nobody’s business but your own what you wear.PD*29499067

The Quran prescribes some degree of segregation and veiling for the Prophet’s wives, but there is nothing in the Quran that requires the veiling of all women or their seclusion in a separate part of the house. These customs were adopted some three or four generations after the Prophet’s death. Muslims at that time were copying the Greek Christians of Byzantium, who had long veiled and segregated their women in this manner […][1]

But at least Zahra Rahnavard defends the wonderful Shirin Ebadi. She has also turned her hand to  some timely protest verse (translated by us):

Let wolves know well: in this lonely tribe,

though the father is dead, the father’s rifle is still there.

Though the men of the tribe are all killed,

the little son in the wooden cradle is still there.

If there is no water, do not be afraid, since in our caravan,

the sea like hearts and moist eyes is still there.

She even dabbles in art and sculpture, at whatever level of pastiche enticing some colour into her life.

We shall overcome

Courage, mes braves! The Iranian youth culture can count on the support of Joan Baez! Singing in Farsi, what’s more. Does this make Green Velvet a lost cause?

Mote and beam

The regime would like family members to inform on each other to block the progress of “international influence [the US] and international Zionism”. How like the paranoid days of Soviet Russia under Stalin this all is, or no doubt North Korea today. Keep the country safe to become a nuclear target by torturing the enemies within. The trouble is, everyone is an enemy.

Statements made by the regime are interpretable only as statements about itself. We discern our faults in others. This is the secret of paranoia, the key to the ever-thickening mysteries.

Britain and the UK are meddling in our internal affairs. We seek to subvert all our neighbours, Iraq, Gulf States, Israel, Lebanon etc. Hezbollah is another name for the Iranian Foreign Ministry.
The British Government is responsible for the output of the BBC. In Iran the State controls all the media.
Attempts to undermine our regime are illegitimate. We are an illegitimate regime.
Families must spy on their members to strengthen the state. Families succour and support their members against the state.
In this society we all love each other. We shall oppress everybody, everywhere, forever.

and so on.

[1] Armstrong, K. Islam, a short history. New York: Modern Library, 2002, p. 16.