The putsch

For a while, I was amused that the protestors referred to the plain-clothes goons as Hezbollah. They were not joking. Amusement rapidly vanished when it turned out that Lebanese speaking only Arabic were being deployed by Ahmadinejad on the streets to intimidate the crowds. Similarly, it seemed merely a conceptual flourish when Iranians referred to the election as a coup d’état. If Amir Taheri is right, and he usually is, a military putsch is exactly what is going on, with a purge of liberal clerics in prospect:

Many in Tehran, including leading clerics, see the exercise as a putsch by the military-security organs that back Mr. Ahmadinejad … Some analysts in Tehran tell me that the military-security elite, now controlling the machinery of the Iranian state, persuaded Mr. Khamenei to make the unprecedented move [his long statement hailing Mr. Ahmadinejad’s “historic victory” as “a great celebration”] … Buoyed by his victory, Mr. Ahmadinejad has already served notice that he intends to pursue his radical policies with even greater vigor. At yesterday’s rally, he promised to pass a law enabling him to bring “the godfathers of corruption” to justice. His entourage insists that former Presidents Hashemi Rafsanjani and Mohammed Khatami, and former parliament Speaker Nateq Nouri, all midranking mullahs, may be among the first to fall in a massive purge of the ruling elite … Messrs. Rafsanjani, Khatami and other targeted mullahs could influence others who wish to prevent a complete seizure of power by Mr. Ahmadinejad’s military-security clique, which is determined to replace the Shiite clergy as the nation’s ruling elite … [Will] Supreme Leader Khamenei … stand by and watch his power eroded by a rising elite of radicals?

Things in other words, can get a great deal worse. Taheri writes, “It is too early to guess whether these dignitaries would march to the metaphorical gallows.” On past form it may be expected that the gallows will not be metaphorical.

At least this election is, as he says, “clarifying.” Iran is now a military dictatorship. The forces of anti-Israeli evil throughout the middle east are concentrating under the banner of Islam. Why are the Russians so short-sighted as to go along with this?

Regime change will have to wait until the Mullahs are pre-emptively bombed. Given that the Iranian regime can be relied upon to do everything humanly possible to bring about their own destruction, we will not have to wait long.

The freedom of the night skies

Janitors at housing blocks where protestors are crying, Alahu Akbar, on the rooftops at night are being asked to call all the residents together, “otherwise we will burn the house down.” They are commanded, naturally, to stop on pain of arrest of their families.

Little Donkey, Great Donkey

Supreme Spiritual Leader Ali Khamanei, the Great Donkey, has a son. He is called Mojtaba Khamenei and is in his forties. He is never photographed, never reported. Funds recently frozen in the UK included $1.2 bn in Little Donkey’s personal accounts. This affront preceded the regime’s recent, unexpected onslaught on Britain. He managed the Rat’s re-election campaign, which gives new meaning to the Ayatollah’s Friday remarks, “I personally am closer to Mr Ahmadinejad.” The Little Donkey plans to inherit his father’s throne, in true oriental fashion.

Soviet-style repression

How reminiscent this all this, for those with memories, of the state apparatus of terror and repression in the Soviet Empire in the 1960s and 70s, before the Evil Empire collapsed under the weight of its own internal contradictions. But in those days Western sentimentalists were supportive of the socialist workers’ paradise. Today, the world is largely united behind the human rights movement in Iran (see the YouTube video here).

Down with the Brits

The campaign against foreign interference is, as everyone from Obama downwards has noted, a ploy to keep the mullahs from any awareness of the extent of their own prodigious self-destruction. As noted here yesterday, this delusional system has psychiatric overtones. HereDown with British spy is a goon copying a slogan in English, a language unfamiliar to him but necessary if he wants to communicate to the world, from his left hand!

No doubt rent-a-mob will soon want to occupy the embassy ─ just for old time’s sake!

BBC pundits have decided that the street demonstrations are in retreat and that the uprising has been quelled by the ubiquitous security personnel. This is how the Rat sees things. But the state goons were always likely to win a confrontation of force and the demonstrators wisely have not sought one. Since the official religion is collective Shi’ite hysteria, the regime does not believe the opposition can have souls. So in Soviet style (see above), they try to repress outward behaviour, while steadily losing the battle for hearts and minds.

Contrary to what has been said, it is easy to see where this will end. The regime will destroy itself and create no more than a temporary shudder in future school pupils reading their history textbooks.