Since the congregating of cars and hooting of horns have been banned, tomorrow (Monday) evening all the drivers are going to leave their headlights on from 5.00 pm to 6.00 pm. Some people are changing sides already. Notice the turbans in amongst the crowds of protestors. There are reports that protestors are being apprehended by the Basiji, turned over to the army to be documented and being set free again by the army. Could the prisons be full?

People have changed the name of the street in which Neda was shot on Saturday from Amir Abad to Neda Street. Now the harsh regime has banned all ceremony of memorial or burial. The Telegraph too covers the death of Neda, adding a doctor’s eye-witness testimony as to the chest wound and the deliberateness of the attack.Neda

Is it still necessary to point out that the whole election was a fake? Today’s – Monday’s – Telegraph reports:

The credibility of the official result was dealt a further blow on Sunday when Chatham House, the British think tank, published an analysis of the election returns based on official figures. It said that the analysis showed that the official turnout exceeded 100 per cent in two of Iran’s 30 provinces. It also showed that the figures were likely to have been produced by a computer programme and that Mr Ahmadinejad’s tallies appeared to include almost all the votes for Mehdi Karoubi, the most liberal candidate in the race.

But still it must be a comfort to have the election recognised by North Korea and Hugo Chavez. What’s keeping Mugabe so quiet? Doesn’t he recognise his brother souls?

The Pastoran, wrongly identified by the BBC today as ‘the army’, have threatened ‘revolutionary force’ against further street demonstrations. How, I wonder, will these savage hooligans ─ the cadre formed by Khomeini in 1979 because he didn’t trust the Shah’s military, and subsequently pampered with rich government contracts by Ahmadinejad ─ cope with the weapon that uniquely plays to the strength of the opposition, the general strike, scheduled to begin tomorrow, Tuesday 23rd? Can they force 30 million people to work at gunpoint? More likely they will have to take off their uniforms and man the buses.

According to the FT, Hossein Marashi, spokesman for the Kargozaran, a political party affiliated with Akbar Hashemi-Rafsanjani, the former president and key member of the Iranian regime, said he doubted people were tiring of the demonstrations and predicted that they would find “new ways” to protest.

I must admit they are ahead of politicians and we are behind them,

he said. An understatement. Such politicians distinguish between protest against the election results and protest against the regime (a distinction that became crystal clear a week ago), but suggest that such opposition should be organised so as to “embrace the defenders of the real Islamic republic”. But the protestors do not want an Islamic Republic at all.

It must be said that the uprising suffers from a lack of leadership at present. Mousavi has been conspicuously silent. His wife, Zahra Rahnavard, has been more gutsy, but hereZahra Rahnavard is a photograph of her treading contemptuously on the flags of Israel, America and Britain! It has been denied that she possesses, also, any real intellectual distinction: her doctoral thesis is entitled, “Islamic government as inspired by the thoughts of Imam Khomeini” and she is a theoretician of the ideology of the Supreme Leader.  It has been pointed out that she has hardly shifted in forty years from her starting point ─ the Shi’ite theology of the Twelfth Imam, he who will one day arise but who is thought at present to be hiding down a hole. Could it be a well?

The problem with all this, in a way, is that the modern mind, exposed from time to time to glimpses of the lowness of mentality of political Islam, is disgusted and nauseated. The most powerful recent example of this was the fully televised ninety minute speech of the Chief Donkey during Friday prayers. Viewers will remember the curious little emotional signal ─ the fake tears, conventional and theatrical ─ with which the speech concluded. The evident acceptability of this performance (Islamic merit is acquired by the number of tears produced in the audience by this rosay) not only disgusts but reveals the absence of the possibility of soul. Presumably this arises from the incapacity of Shi’ite Islam to generate individualism and therefore reflection. Farsi has many words for insincerity. And meanwhile, with all this bogus tragedy billowing around, one can be arrested for smiling.

It must be said that, in spite of deep packet inspection provided by ‘Western technology’, Iranian authorities are hardly able to block off the internet and the whole world is able to see exactly what they are doing in minute detail. The level of interest, public and international, is unparalleled. Half the problems in life arise because people do not realise how visible they are. Even if this regime survives, they have lost all support, credibility and authority, even among Moslems. Freedom is the cry of every heart.

At present the embattled regime is claiming that, following an influx of British secret service personnel, all this domestic ferment is happening as the result of the activities of foreign intelligence services! The problem, dear Donkeys, is not foreign intelligence but domestic unintelligence.