Sit-in for Freedom

After the overnight invasion of the paramilitary forces to the University of Tehran’s dorms (Koy-e-Daneshgah) and the subsequent fatal casualties, the professors went on a futile strike at the university’s mosque. But we students are quite aware that mild protests would not do for the real attainment of our abused rights. Therefore, we have planned for a continuous sit-in of no limit which begins tomorrow morning, 20 June 2009 and continues until the realization of our wants.

Our parapet – if any – will be the yard and pavements in the campus of the Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Tehran. We do not count on any interior or exterior help to our refuge, as we know well that our politicians cannot even achieve their own legal rights; however, we accept their aids and welcome any further support by the students throughout the world that might well imagine what a bloody abuse of academic privacy would mean.

We students of Fine Arts at the University of Tehran do not consider this sit-in as merely belonging to us and only us; we call for the participation of all students and professors to join and assist us or give us international voice towards achievement of our preliminary right of freedom.

The sit-in participants ask for:

1. Thorough publication of the names of the arrested, freed, injured and, presumably, slain students during the night rush.

2. Apology of the disqualified Dean of University of Tehran, Farhad Rahbar – who, despite all claims, has even failed to provide any information regarding the missing, injured, or slain students – and then his immediate resignation.

3. Immediate trial of all authorities and agents responsible for the invasion

4. Tit for tat and eye for eye – the legitimate right of all those injured and slain is to see the slayers punished.

5. Formal recognition of the slain students as ‘Martyrs’.

6. Ratification of law prohibiting military and paramilitary forces of intrusion – invasion – into the varsity campuses by the parliament

7. Restitution of the nation’s votes in 1oth presidential election, among whose obvious abuses was what happened through the invasion to Koy-e-Daneshgah.

Sit-in for Freedom Group

Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Tehran

20 June 2009