The following letter has been ‘leaked’ from the Ministry of the Interior, Islamic Republic of Iran, apparently by a senior member of clerical staff in the office of the Minister. There is no way of verifying the authenticity of this letter, but the voting figures given therein are already known to the 1-2 million strong protestors in Tehran yesterday, fuelling perhaps some of their anger. They are at least more credible than the official figures!

We have made a literal translation, as follows:

Ministry of Interior

Islamic Republic of Iran

Saturday 13th June 2009

To: The Supreme Leader. His Highness (Excellency) Ayatollah Khamanei

Due to Your Excellency’s expression of anxiety as regards the result of the 10th Presidential Election, and your personal preference for the retention of Dr Mahmoud Ahmadinejad as President of the Republic, everything has been planned in this sensitive and difficult time in such a way that the result to be announced to the public will [promote] the wellbeing of the regime and the Revolution. All the necessary expertise for any possible events after the election has been prepared and the heads of all the parties and the electoral candidates are under strict and severe surveillance.

Hence, for the sake of information only, a written record of the actual votes collected is as follows:

Total votes:


Spoiled votes:


Votes for Mousavi:


Votes for Karroubi:


Votes for Ahmadinejad:


Votes for Rezaee:



On behalf of Sadeq Mahsouli , Minister of Interior

c.c. NoneVotes