The BBC’s is concentrating its political education efforts on a channel called C-Beebies for the under-fives. People from an extraordinary variety of racial backgrounds find themselves congregated in a Scottish seaside village. Here there is no crime, which leaves the village policeman free to collect eggs in his hat. And nobody works, which means that there are protracted conversations with members of the numerous social services – people who deliver post and milk, tidy the doctor’s surgery or drive the school bus. Non-white faces gloriously exceed the stingy arithmetic of mere representation, in spite of the depletions caused by so many being away in town reading and reporting the news. When a gentleman’s bicycle breaks down, he stands admiringly by while a female bus driver pops up, adroit with screwdriver and spanner, and fixes it. Though breathtaking adventures break out every so often, we all learn to be happy together, to share our troubles and help each other across life’s little pitfalls, one happy multicultural community.